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We initially had reservations about moving from our long-established relationship with a traditional law firm. They provided high quality advice, but it was difficult to budget for and could get expensive very quickly. We were attracted to LAW’s all-inclusive pricing model, and the idea of being able to engage legal support proactively through a consistent point of contact. Three years later, we were delighted to renew our arrangement with LAW because it has proved to be a highly responsive, commercial advisory relationship, and a better fit for our business than a traditional law firm.

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We limit our fees, not our service.

Unlike traditional law firms, with LAW you get the best of both worlds; the high quality of a leading employment law firm, combined with the benefit of an all-inclusive approach where fees are capped. Our market-leading retention rate? Well, that’s the proof of the pudding. 

No watching the clock

If you’re used to a traditional law firm, then you’re probably used to high quality advice, but also invoices that accompany that level of support. With LAW, you have an unlimited high quality service which means that you can talk to us for as long as you like, whenever you like. And, because there’s no ticking clock, us getting to know you never adds to your bill.

No lip service to client care

Because we recognise that every client business is different, we have a dedicated client care team who will keep in regular contact with you. You’ll often be asked for feedback on the support we provide, and you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in our annual Client Survey. In our most recent Client Survey, 98% of our clients said they would recommend us. And we still work with our first ever client.

Measured on client satisfaction

Unlike the traditional legal model, where your lawyer is measured on billable hours, our team is rewarded for client satisfaction and retention: nothing else.  So keeping you happy is all that matters to our lawyers.

We’ll get you there faster

Traditional law firms are based around revenue generation, meaning they have an incentive to drag issues out. With LAW, your employment lawyer is focussed on helping you reach the outcome you want as quickly as possible, meaning you can get back to building a successful business. But rest assured: we only rush when you want us to.

Annual costs are truly capped

Our advisory and compliance support is unlimited, and when you take our advice, our market-leading insurance cover will cover the cost of employment tribunals.  This includes legal defence costs, settlements and awards.  If you receive a tribunal claim, it will be handled by your employment lawyer, giving you the best chance of a successful defence. 

We're open all hours

Life isn’t 9 to 5, and neither is your business.  As well as your dedicated employment lawyer, you’ll have the constant backup of our in-house, qualified, 24/7 legal team. 

Documentation compliance

At the start of our partnership, your employment lawyer will conduct a thorough audit of your existing documentation, work with you to plug any gaps, and ensure that it remains up to date throughout the life of your relationship with us. Clients also have access to our exclusive, extensive online suite of employment law documentation and guidance notes.

There are no hidden extras

Law firms sometimes offer retainers, but these often contain exclusions or limits on usage. With LAW, all inclusive means exactly that. One thing is the same: we never compromise on service.