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We have worked with Law At Work for the last 18 months, they have supported us with Fire Safety, Food Safety and Health & Safety.  Throughout we have found the team to be professional, responsive whilst offering practical solutions in all areas.

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Safety At Work. Designed by us. For you.

Not for us the generic ‘cut and paste’ Health & Safety Management Systems most consultancies provide you with.  Every business is different.  So everything you get from LAW is designed by us, for you, from scratch.

Nothing off the shelf

Many consultancies provide a generic ‘Health & Safety Management System’, which means you get the same as everyone else.  Most businesses don’t want mountains of unnecessary paperwork which don’t add value.  Everything you get from LAW is designed by us, for you, from scratch. 

No lip service to client care

Because we recognise that every client business is different, we have a dedicated client care team who will keep in regular contact with you. You’ll often be asked for feedback on the support we provide, and you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in our annual Client Survey. In our most recent Client Survey, 98% of our clients said they would recommend us. And we still work with our first ever client.

Measured on client feedback

Our health & safety consultants are measured on client satisfaction and retention - not on how much time they can charge to you.  Keeping you happy is all that matters to them - nothing else.

No notice or auto-renewal

We rely on the quality of our work, rather than hidden termination clauses, to retain your business.  So, when you’re approaching the end of your contract, we will meet you face to face to discuss options for future support.  If you don’t want to stay with us, you just walk away. 

We're practical

We will always tell you what you need to know or what you need to do.  We won’t just tell you what the law says.  We will tell you which risks are likely to kill a lot of people and which recommendations are being made simply to comply with some legislative bureaucracy. 

We're just the right size

Some providers are one man bands.  Others are so big you might end up feeling like a number.  We’re right in the middle – big enough to support large and complex clients, but small enough to have a personal relationship with our entire client base.  Our smallest client has five employees, our largest more than 10,000, and both receive the same high quality service.

We don't outsource

Every client has a named health & safety consultant.  All are highly qualified and have extensive experience across various disciplines.  If your health & safety consultant does not know the answer to a specific problem, they will have access to someone who does.  And we never outsource because third parties will never know your business like we do. 

Annual costs are truly capped

If you’re used to an hourly rate contract, then you’re probably also used to things taking longer than expected. With our core services, if something unexpected crops up that needs our support, whether an accident or a visit from the HSE, we’ll be there for you. We do not charge a retainer then hit you with hidden extras.

We're flexible

Not lip service – actually flexible.  Many of our clients ask us to parachute in when they need additional projects or specific training support – so you can have all your eggs in one basket.