Why Choose Us
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The HR At Work team helped us through an extensive business restructuring exercise with very clear and pragmatic advice and support by our side each step of the way. They also helped us introduce an effective Performance Management Culture.  We quickly established a strong and effective working relationship and they are always available to answer queries and offer guidance on general HR matters, ensuring that solutions are appropriate and effectively implemented.  A friendly and approachable team, we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any organisation.

Finance Director

A fixed-fee doesn’t mean a fixed service.

Unlike many traditional fixed-fee providers we don’t cap our service. Every one of our clients is different. So we look after you individually, according to your needs. 

A main point of contact

Your employment lawyer will meet you at the start of the relationship to determine what’s important to you and how your business works. After that, we’ll aim for regular face time during the life of the contract. And you can always pop in for a coffee at one of our city centre offices.  

We're not a call centre

You’ll probably speak to us regularly over the phone and by email, but that doesn’t replace the personal touch.  Your employment lawyer will aim to meet with you in person at least once a year, often as part of our review of your employment documentation.  Our events and seminars provide another opportunity to catch up.

No lip service to client care

Because we recognise that every client business is different, we have a dedicated client care team who will keep in regular contact with you. You’ll often be asked for feedback on the support we provide, and you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in our annual Client Survey. In our most recent Client Survey, 98% of our clients said they would recommend us. And we still work with our first ever client.

We're just the right size

Some providers are one man bands.  Others are so big you might end up feeling like a number.  We’re right in the middle – big enough to support large and complex clients, but small enough to have a personal relationship with our entire client base.  Our smallest client has five employees, our largest more than 10,000, and both receive the same high quality service.

We're qualified

We have a dozen employment lawyers, all of whom are highly qualified.  We do not have HR advisors dealing with your business: so you’re always speaking to someone who can add a different angle to your expertise. 

No notice or auto-renewal

We rely on the quality of our work, rather than hidden termination clauses, to retain your business.  So, when you’re approaching the end of your contract, we will meet you face to face to discuss options for future support.  If you don’t want to stay with us, you just walk away. 

Credible independent insurance

Lots of fixed-fee providers in the market choose to self-insure in-house. This can lead to the wrong outcomes for clients, because the advisors are unwilling to let you make commercial decisions and expose their insurance to a pay-out. Instead, we have a long-term, arm’s-length and pragmatic relationship with a trusted underwriter. We broker the insurance on your behalf. Our policy is one of the most comprehensive available, covering a broad range of claims, including unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination and TUPE. And, as you’d expect, we’re fully FCA compliant. 

We never outsource

We keep employment tribunal representation in-house, so we're with you every step of the way if an issue escalates.  We'll never instruct someone else to fight your case, because they don't know your business like we do.

We're trusted opinion leaders

Our Director of Legal Services is a regular contributor to TV & radio, and our wider team are often asked to write content online and for the press.  Our Head of Health & Safety is an expert across many sectors and a recognised thought-leader in his field.

Led by an experienced board

Magnus Swanson was the Chief Executive of one of the UK’s largest law firms for nine years and, in addition to law firm management, is one of the UK’s leading corporate lawyers.  This means he’s dedicated to the standards set by leading law firms.  Donald MacKinnon is one of a select group of solicitors in Scotland accredited as a specialist in employment law.

We've been doing this for 15 yrs

There are a lot of fixed-fee providers in the market, and some traditional law firms now offer a basic fixed-fee package in response to market demand. That’s fine, but it takes a lot of experience to get this model right. We began providing all-inclusive fixed-fee services in 2001. That means more than fifteen years of tweaking our services, based on client feedback, so that they remain the original and best in the UK. 

We're flexible

Not lip service – actually flexible.  Many of our clients ask us to parachute in when they need additional projects or specific training support – so you can have all your eggs in one basket.