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Training Modules

Training Modules

Please find below the modules that are available, you can click on each to see a demo of the module. 

If you would like to see a below of the Learning Management System (LMS) and learn how it could benefit your own team please get in touch.


Absence Management
How to deal with absence problems as a manager
Conducting Investigations
Learn the correct skills to conduct investigations
EU GDPR - Awareness for All
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) text brings essential changes to data protection practices in Europe.
First Line Management
Developed for Senior Roles who have operational responsibility for a defined area of activity.
Sexual Harassment
Our hard-hitting Sexual Harassment eLearning Module enables your employees to identify and fight sexual harassment in the workplace.
Stress Management
If not managed well, stress can impact productivity and motivation. Learn how to tackle it.
Basic Health & Safety
This course aims to provide you with initial information relating to your safety at work.
Display Screen Equipment
Learn how to work safely with Display Screen Equipment and to avoid the risks coming with it.
Fire Safety
An employer's responsibility is to ensure staff are aware of how to act in the event of a fire.
Fire Safety Warden
Employers are required by law to appoint Fire Wardens.