Safety At Work

Safety At Work

My team of lively, engaging and highly qualified safety managers, from a variety of industry backgrounds are committed to supporting your business in the essential areas of workplace safety, fire prevention, food hygiene, security and crisis management. I am proud that 89% of our clients would strongly recommend us to others.

Douglas Cameron | Head of Safety Services

LAW health & safety consultants specialise in jargon-free, commercial and practical advice in one cost-effective package. Our approach is flexible; ranging from complementing in-house teams to providing a totally outsourced solution.

Every business is unique. So LAW never provides ‘off the shelf’ solutions to problems that don’t exist.  We know that some organisations require a light touch, or some external reassurance.  We also recognise the ‘hands on’ needs of complex, high-risk businesses. From one-off projects to ongoing annual partnerships, our flexible services include workplace safety, fire safety, food hygiene and a variety of training solutions.

Workplace Safety

Offering real flexibility and designed around your specific needs, our core Safety At Work services support your business whatever your sector or size.

Fire Safety

Comprehensive all-inclusive annual or project based services to cover life safety, building protection, fire prevention and emergency response.

Food Safety

A range of services for organisations that manufacture, prepare and serve food products available on an annual or project basis.

Safety Training

Covering asbestos to zoonoses, we provide a range of in-house safety training, from half day to four day courses.