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Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Workplace tensions and conflict can be costly in terms of management time and employee morale.  The earlier any issues are addressed, the more a positive outcome is likely for all concerned.  Mediation helps when working relationships are broken, or where a complaint has been made through an organisation's internal policies - such as grievance, bullying or harassment.


LAW provide independent support to employers at all levels - from day to day conflicts, to relationships that have broken down at executive board level.  Our certified mediators can work with individuals or groups of individuals to resolve conflicts in the workplace, while avoiding the more formal routes of disciplinary and grievance.


In appropriate cases, we can be called upon to carry out formal grievance or disciplinary investigations on behalf of employers. This can include the interviewing of witnesses, gathering of documentary evidence and production of a full written report which can then be used as the basis for further formal action.

Attendance at meetings 

Disciplinary or grievance hearings can be daunting experiences even for senior managers, and particularly when faced by a well informed employee representative.  Our HR consultants can attend the hearing, along with the manager, to ensure that the meeting is conducted correctly.  Alternatively, we can be appointed to chair the meetings and come to a decision on the outcome.  We also support or chair Appeal Meetings.