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Having employment contracts, policies and other documentation in place isn't just a legal requirement.  It's also important in setting out the relationship between employer and employee.  Well drafted employment documentation will not only ensure that you comply with the law, but will give you the flexibility to manage your workforce according to business needs.

Employment documentation healthcheck

Your employment lawyer will carry out a thorough review of your employment contracts, policies, procedures and other employee related documentation.  We will set out any areas where you are not compliant with the law, and provide suggestions for improvements and best practice.  As part of getting to know your business, your lawyer will ensure your documentation reflects your company values and the way you work.

Annual reviews

Your lawyer will review your contracts and other documentation on an annual basis, to ensure it remains up to date and in line with best practice.

Legal Pulse

We scan the horizon so you don't have to.  During the year, where there are significant legal changes that affect your business, we'll make you aware of them so you're always ahead of the curve.

Online client area

You and your team will have access to a secure online area where you can access style documentation including letters, contracts, policies, guidance notes and more. Your employment lawyer can help tailor these documents to your own specific needs. When you log on, we'll tell you what's changed since your last visit.


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I’m proud that my team are seen as trusted employment law partners by our clients.  We work closely with our clients and their HR teams helping them take quick, confident and decisive action.  Being measured on client satisfaction and retention ensures that my team will always go that extra mile on clients’ behalf.

Daniel Gorry | Head of Employment Law UK

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