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We looked at traditional law practices and the only winners seemed to be the lawyers themselves. So we changed the rules; fixed fees instead of spiraling bills; 24/7 availability with adept flexibility. With our expertise in the sports and leisure sector, isn't it time you put yourself on the winning team?

The sport and leisure sector employs roughly 663,300 people across the UK which is about 2% of the entire workforce, and the sector continues to grow. The current estimated UK market value of the health and fitness sector alone is nearly £4 billion, made up of a variety of different health, fitness and leisure facilities such as public-owned leisure centres, private health clubs, and sports clubs.

The interaction between sport-specific law and UK employment law is complicated, but you can rely on us to go the distance. Our knowledge is based on our real-world experience, partnering with a range of organisations in this sector; providing employment law and HR support for the sport and leisure industry has become one of our specialities. We support golf clubs; football teams; associations; leisure trusts; and everything in between.

A vast number of employees in this sector work on a part-time basis, 47% of employees in fact, which is significantly higher than the average UK wide average of 27%.  On top of having a large number of part time employees, working hours can be long, the work can be seasonal, shift patterns are common, and working hours can be over unsocial hours such as evenings and weekends.

This type of work can throw up several tricky problems for employers, including casual workers and employee status; absence management; and pay (including National Minimum Wage, and tips).

Your staff work around the clock – so we do too. Our 24/7/365 advice lines connect you with a member of our highly qualified, expert team, so we can ensure that your eye stays on the ball - whatever the time of day or night.

Get in touch today to understand the benefits of having us in your corner.


Xcite West Lothian Leisure have developed an excellent working relationship with LAW.LAW’s legal advice is understanding of our position, supportive, and works hard to get a solution that works for our organisation. We’ve also asked LAW to deliver a range of in-house training sessions for our wider team, and the feedback has been great - plus, a number of the sessions have been delivered by our own employment solicitor, which helps to build a really strong ongoing relationship. LAW’s 6-monthly employment law seminars are also a useful way for me and my team to stay up to date, and they help keep the ever-changing issues alive. The quality of LAW’s training was one of the reasons we made the switch to using them as our ongoing advisors, and it has proved to be an excellent decision.


Director of Human Resources, Xcite West Lothian Leisure

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