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With minute-by-minute communication now the norm, your legal issues don't stay internal for long.  Recognising that legal issues can become reputational threats if not addressed, we deliver wider services designed to protect or manage reputation during a period of transformation, or simply when the unexpected happens.  Experiencing change or challenge can present significant business threats, as headlines reveal nearly every day.  Stories about companies that ignored the bigger picture are all too common.  Whether your audience is media; digital or social influencers; key stakeholders; customers; or your staff: we can provide the strategy and tools required for clear, controlled communication.  And our seamless delivery allows your management team to get on with the task in hand. 



Media handling

Front-line response to media enquiries; media training; press releases and media announcements; setting up media interviews; monitoring and reporting media coverage, and strategic media planning.


Political engagement

Preparation of briefings, setting up meetings on a one to one or interest group basis.  Working with your business to develop the ‘ask’, particularly in situations that will likely result in significant redundancies.  


Customer communications

Communicating change with customers, with a particular emphasis on how it affects service/product delivery, as opposed to a focus on corporate change. 


Stakeholder mapping

Working to map key stakeholder groups and what their concerns may be, developing collateral to communicate desired messages.


Internal communications

Newsletters and internal comms collateral (including video and digital platforms) that keep staff up-to-date, or communicating changes that have come about as a result of an incident or accident. 


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