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Health & Safety

The Ladder Association is urging those responsible for managing the safe use of ladders, to put ladder training at the top of their height safety...

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

Fedex UK plead guilty to breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 after an employee was struck by a reversing forklift...

BY Douglas Cameron
BG Purple
Employment Law & HR

Note: this article was first written by our colleagues at Solve HR, before Solve HR joined Law At Work in March 2020. We have imported this...

Employment Law & HR

The Supreme Court has ruled that a Royal Mail employee was unfairly dismissed for whistleblowing, not for the alleged poor performance that was...

Employment Law & HR

A recent EAT case confirmed that the tribunal has a duty to consider the means of the party against whom it imposes a deposit order before...

BY Kirstie Beattie
Employment Law & HR

As January’s ‘B- Day’ approaches, anticipation is steadily growing as to what Brexit actually means for UK business.

BY Samantha Mackie