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Employment Law & HR

Employment status has been a key topic over the past few years and has been at the centre of many high-profile cases, none more so than that of...

BY Kirstie Beattie
Employment Law & HR

Given the widespread media coverage of the recent Employment Tribunal decision that ‘ethical veganism’ is a philosophical belief protected under...

BY Jenny Brunton

LAW and Bolt Learning have developed the digital offering and can now provide revolutionary online training to clients.

BY Alex Hunt
Employment Law & HR

Brexit brings a renewed focus on the UK’s labour market and is also a good time for employers to remind themselves of their obligations of...

BY Samantha Mackie
Health & Safety

A worker suffered a degloving injury when his hand got caught between two power driven rollers of an extruder machine while performing a manual...

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety

Road Safety charity IAM RoadSmart are calling for the HSE, drivers, employers, the government and the police to do more to address the number of...

BY Lee Craig