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Employment Law & HR

Recently, the record for highest costs award made by an employment tribunal was shattered.

BY Ben Brown
Employment Law & HR

It was reported this month that the top boss of New York-based marketing company Mindshare was dismissed for conduct which was described by...

BY Kirstie Beattie
Employment Law & HR

Working from home has been the default for many employees over the last eight months. Whilst most have adapted to working from kitchen tables and...

BY Jenny Brunton
Employment Law & HR

In the first decision of its kind, the employment tribunal in Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover affirmed that non-binary and gender fluid people...

BY Erin Moncur
BG Purple
Employment Law & HR

Homeworking has become part of normal working practice, whether full time or for part of the working week. Home or ‘remote’ workers still need to...

Health & Safety

Zurich Municipal, considering data received from 26,800 schools in England, are of a view they are nearly twice...

BY Douglas Cameron


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