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Health & Safety

There have been numerous questions asked about ventilation, especially as we approach the colder, windier, winter weather.

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety

The quote provided by the construction firm failed to take into account the provision of the safety equipment required for roof work, thereby...

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

Many people are reporting similar experiences that it has earned its own slang term, Zoom fatigue, though this exhaustion also applies if you’re...

BY Matthew Ramsey
Employment Law & HR

I doubt it will come as a shock to you that law isn’t generally regarded as the funniest of disciplines (despite what your solicitor might tell...

BY Kenzie Howard
Employment Law & HR

In the case of K v L, the EAT ruled that a school teacher, who was charged but never prosecuted for possession of indecent images of children, was...

BY Erin Moncur
Employment Law & HR

As the transition period draws to an imminent close on 31st December 2020, with it ends the free movement of people. From 1st January 2021...

BY Samantha Mackie


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