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Employment Law & HR

Although both divisions provide very different services to our clients, both services seek to assist, resolve and provide guidance regarding all...

BY Alex Hunt
Employment Law & HR

On 4th April 2021, for most large employers (250+ staff), it will be time to report on the workplace gender pay...

BY Ed McFarlane
Employment Law & HR

The Supreme Court will soon publish the judgment in one of the most significant employment law cases of the last...

BY Erin Moncur
Employment Law & HR

UK workers’ rights post-Brexit

As of 1st January 2021, the UK has officially left the European Union. Leaving the EU has meant that the UK...

BY Kirstie Beattie
Employment Law & HR

Government has made clear that they will not be forcing people to have the vaccine and we would recommend that...

BY Jenny Brunton
Health & Safety

Repetitive strain injuries are among the most common occupational health problems but by following some common office ergonomics tips, you can...

BY Lee Craig


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