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Health & Safety

On January 23rd The Food Standards Agency published a consultation to reflect changes to food allergen labelling legislation in England...

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

Mental health problems are common in the workplace and it is the leading cause of sickness absence. A staggering 70 million workdays are lost each...

BY Douglas Cameron
Employment Law & HR

The New Year may have brought broken resolutions but not for employment law, with the ‘Good Work Plan’ fully...

BY Samantha Mackie
Employment Law & HR

Earlier this month, the Employment Appeal Tribunal considered whether there is a legal requirement to have a separate investigatory hearing before...

BY Ben Brown
Employment Law & HR

Employment status has been a key topic over the past few years and has been at the centre of many high-profile cases, none more so than that of...

BY Kirstie Beattie
Employment Law & HR

Given the widespread media coverage of the recent Employment Tribunal decision that ‘ethical veganism’ is a philosophical belief protected under...

BY Jenny Brunton