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Employment Law & HR

Earlier this month, the EU’s highest court ruled that private employers are permitted to ban individuals from wearing religious symbols, including...

BY Kirstie Beattie
Employment Law & HR

We’ve all been there. With one click of the “send” button, the dread can wash over you sooner than you can say “recall”. This was the case for an...

BY Sarah Fairley
Employment Law & HR

An employee was held to have been unfairly dismissed for raising issues about the lack of COVID-secure measures in his workplace and the effect...

BY Zoe Kerr
Employment Law & HR

In November 2020, we ...

BY Reece Ashmore
Employment Law & HR

Earlier this month, as part of their efforts to protect workers’ rights the UK government announced the creation of a workers’ watchdog to protect...

BY Jenny Brunton
Employment Law & HR

This month brought us the employment tribunal case of Kane v Debmat Surfacing Limited, in which an employee had been unfairly dismissed...

BY Ben Brown


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