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Health & Safety

It's been a busy month for our health and safety team, and they have compiled several areas of interest for our readers.

BY Douglas Cameron
Employment law

A note of caution for employers if they have any employees who wish to enact their Mike Tyson or Ronda Roussey impersonations.

BY Paman Singh
Employment law

Earlier this month, over 8000 Glasgow city council workers took to the streets in one of the biggest equal pay strikes the UK has ever seen....

BY Scott O'Connor
Employment law

You may recall that we reported...

BY Ben Brown
Employment law

It seems that U.S. political drama is never far from the headlines these days. The last few weeks have been no exception, with President Trump’s...

BY Hannah Lynn
Employment law

The ‘Gay cake’ case has now seen its conclusion after four and a half years and legal costs of around £450,000. The Supreme Court has found in...

BY Miranda Hughes