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Health & Safety

Two recent fires in hotels have highlighted the need for businesses to take Fire Safety seriously and to make increased efforts to manage the...

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

A restaurant owner in Essex has been fined after Asbestos was disturbed during refurbishment.  In 2016, the space above the Italian restaurant was...

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety

1st August was World Lung Cancer Day and provides a timely reminder of the prevalence of occupational...

Employment law

Drafting restrictive covenants can be notoriously tricky; any clause must not be so wide that it is unenforceable, yet not so narrow that it does...

BY Hannah Lynn
Employment law

This month the Government has published ‘Gender equality at every stage: a roadmap for change’ stating that “business as usual isn’t going to cut...

BY Scott O'Connor
Employment law

Despite relatively low unemployment figures, concerns have been raised that those who suffer from ill health struggle to enter and remain in work...

BY Kirstie Beattie