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Health & Safety

Fire Prevention We read that the new £24 million school in Dalbeattie opened in October 2017, with...

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety

In recent months there has been a series of prosecutions in relation to unsafe fork lift truck use.  These prosecutions highlighted the serious...

BY Michael Moran
Health & Safety

Sometimes when undertaking an Audit, we find employees wearing PPE but with no actual risk assessment document to show or prove the actual legal...

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

A client recently told us that their seventeen year old son has started a new part time college course and a new part time job. They asked out of...

BY Matthew Ramsey
Employment law

Mr Wood worked for Durham County Council and his role was subject to a code of conduct, which required a certain level of clearance to be met. Mr...

BY Paman Singh
Employment law

The recent case of Tenon FM Ltd v Cawley highlights the importance of not only getting employment contracts signed, but also making sure...

BY Scott O'Connor