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You’ve got the job! ............. Oh wait!

BY Donald MacKinnon
Employment Law & HR
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We all saw what happened at the Oscars last week. A nightmare for all involved except for those cringing at home. This got us here at Empire HQ thinking about all the mishaps and missteps that have happened over the years, many of these revolve around recruitment.

We have heard some examples of the wrong candidate being phoned to be told they have got the job; people not being told whether they have been successful or simply poor general business practice.

As you will know, Empire has launched a new recruitment service, specialising in HR, business support, technical and engineering which aims to ensure that the best and most suitable people fill your most important roles.  Recruitment can be a minefield at times, potential discrimination claims at every stage, ensuring you attract a diverse yet suitable group of applicants, etc.  

Why use Empire Recruitment?

All agencies say they are specialists, focus on quality and form ‘real’ relationships with clients. In our experience that’s not always the case…….so we won’t tell you that, instead we will simply make you a promise:

Our Promise to Clients

Let us reduce your cost of hire, support your brand and attract the right people whilst saving you time and money.

Please see the recruitment section of our website for more information or call our Empire Recruitment hotline 01224 701704

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