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Workplace Fatalities 2019/20

Health & Safety

HSE have released the annual workplace fatality figures for April 2019 to March 2020, a total of 111 deaths. Overall, the lowest year on record, a reduction of 38 deaths from the previous year. The pandemic of Co-Vid for the last two months of the year perhaps should be considered.

HSE have stated CoVid occupational health deaths will be recorded and reported separately in the future.

A closer examination highlights the following:

  • 40 fatalities in the Construction Sector
  • 20 fatalities in the Agricultural/Forestry/Fishing Sectors (low employment numbers in this sector)
  • 5 fatalities in the Waste Recycling Sector (continuing high rate when number of employees are considered)
  • 51 members of the public killed due to work connected accidents. A further 41 occurred on railways (separately enforced and reported by Road and Rail enforcement)
  • 27% of fatal injuries occurring to workers over the age of 60

The most common injury causes were:

  • Falls from Height 29
  • Struck by Moving Vehicle 20
  • Struck by Moving Object 18

A separate section of the report considers Mesothelioma (contracted through past exposure to asbestos) which indicates 2,446 death in the UK in 2018.

As HSE mentioned in the report:

 “Work-related deaths fracture families, they shatter communities and so many of them can be avoided”

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