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When Did You Last See Your EHO For An Enforcement Inspection?

Health & Safety

HSE have announced failures in the management of occupational health and safety in Local Authority enforced business sectors which has a record of more than 100,000 new cases of ill health, 5000 major injuries and the deaths of around 10 workers each year.

Predominantly covering retail, consumer services, entertainment and warehousing/supply, accounting for two thirds of all business premises, and around half of the total UK workforce.

Local Authorities are facing a challenging environment that impacts on the way they deliver a wide range of regulatory services and statutory duties so a Statement of Commitment (SoC) has been developed by the HSE and LA representative bodies across the UK.

Designed to strengthen and maintain long term senior commitment to delivery of their legal duty as enforcers of workplace health and safety and asks that Local Authorities collaborate with other bodies to deliver effective and correctly targeted solutions to keep workers safe.

We will continue to watch developments with interest.

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