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Vive la resistance!

BY Richard Woods
Employment Law & HR
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Ever feel like your boss just isn’t listening to you? Why not barricade them in their office and refuse to let them out until they agree to your demands? Don’t be absurd, I hear you cry!  

Well, that’s exactly what a group of French workers did in response to their employer’s plans to make redundancies at their workplace. The workers’ demands were, of course, completely reasonable and rational. They were looking for “enormous amounts of money” from a factory that is facing closure. Good luck with that, friends.  

This is the latest in a spate of boss-nappings in France, most of which took place during the early years of the recession. The not-so-merry band of boss-nappers took two directors, HR Director Bernard Glesser and Director of Production Michel Dheilly, hostage at the Goodyear tyre plant in Amiens and refused to let them go until their demands for better redundancy pay were met. 

The workers were led by the militant CGT union and claimed that they would camp out for as long as it took for their demands to be met. In reality the French police stepped in to release the hostages 24 hours after their capture.

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