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Victim Surcharge Fund

Health & Safety

Potential Additional Penalty for Health and Safety Prosecutions?

MSPs in the Scottish Government have new Regulations to consider and if approved will levy an additional layer of penalty on top any type court fine, which would include health and safety fines, one assumes. The Victim Surcharge Fund will see offenders contributing to the cost of supporting victims of potentially a variety of crimes e.g. a burglary for damage caused.

A “relevant person”(claimant) is defined as “…a person who provides or secures the provision of support services for persons who are or appear to be victims of crime.”

How Much Potential Cost?

Amount of Fine                                  

Surcharge payable

Up to and including £200                                


Between £200.01 to £500 inclusive                


Between £500.01 to £1,000 inclusive             


Between £1,000.01 to £2,500 inclusive           


Between £2,500.01 to £5,000 inclusive          


Between £5,000.01 to £10,000                       


In excess of £10,000                                

7.5% of the fine

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