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To Use PPE or Not Use PPE, that is the question?

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

Sometimes when undertaking an Audit, we find employees wearing PPE but with no actual risk assessment document to show or prove the actual legal compliance expectation.

A reminder the Regulations approaches this with the following aims

1) Eliminate the need for PPE

2) Substitute to prevent the need for PPE,

3) Engineering Controls to reduce the risk and therefore need to wear PPE

4) Administrative Controls (reducing time and frequency of people being exposed)


5) yes finally …did we say finally? so yes that finally (as a very last resort) to provide suitable Personal Protective Equipment (and remember to be able to prove the protection value of that equipment)

So, to comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations, we receive more brownie points (compliance) to show understanding for points 1- 4 not just handing out PPE and hoping for the best.

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