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Two companies fined after worker fell from height

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

A sub-contractor suffered serious injuries while installing solar panels to a roof when he slipped and fell 5 metres when the toe board edge protection broke.  Mr Ryan suffered a fracture to his spine, broken coccyx and nerve damage that have resulted in him not being able to work due to mobility issues.

The HSE investigation found that the scaffold had not been erected to the industry standard and that fragile roof lights had not been protected to prevent falls. 

The scaffolding contractor and client who had commissioned the work plead guilty to breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act and were fined £28,800 and £33,500 respectively and ordered to pay costs.

The incident was serious and serves as a reminder of the risks associated with working at height and the potential for fatal and serious injury and of the need to ensure robust arrangements are established for the selection, appointment and monitoring of contractors and sub-contractors to ensure that health and safety standards are being met and maintained.

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