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Tribunal statistics released

BY Daniel Gorry
Employment Law & HR
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The annual employment tribunal statistics for April to March 2012/13 have been released. 

While the statistics show an increase in claims of over 5,000, this is primarily due to acceptance of multiple claims and the number of single claims (for things like unfair dismissal and HR) fell by 7.7%. 

The median award for unfair dismissal claims rose slightly to £4,832, though the largest percentage of Claimants received awards of between £1000 and £2000.  In HR claims, the highest median award was for disability related claims at £7,536. 

Interestingly, there were 48 costs awards in favour of employers of over £10,000.  This is a significant increase in costs awards from previous years, indicating perhaps that tribunals are taking a tougher approach to ill conceived and/or vexatious claims brought by Claimants.

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