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Survey gives insight into desired employment law changes post-Brexit

BY Donald MacKinnon
Employment Law & HR
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A survey of 43 businesses has suggested that business wants to use Brexit is an opportunity to roll back some of the employment rights we have become accustomed to.  

The most striking of the findings is that 70% of those surveyed wanted the rules that allow employees on long term sick leave to roll over their holiday pay to be removed, as many see it as unfair. 56% want to see the requirement to include overtime in holiday pay to also be reversed.

A third want to see a cap put in place on awards in discrimination cases as they believe that employees are exploiting the threat of an uncapped award to force employers into settling a claim.

Paul Quain, Partner at GQ Employment law who conducted the study said;

“The hope is likely to be that Brexit is seen as an opportunity to improve UK employment law, making it efficient, but also as fair as possible for both employers and employees. Our survey suggests that employers accept that many of the employment laws in the UK provide a minimum level of rights for employees, so the Government would need to approach reforms with caution”.

As we have stated here before it is unlikely that there will be significant changes to Employment law but the government is likely to want to make some tweaks, so it is interesting to get the opinion of business and how any changes may be received.

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