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Stone CV breaks down doors for creative job applicant

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It can be difficult to make your CV stand out from the crowd, but one US employee has done just that by creating a sealed faux-stone shield designed to be smashed apart to get to a scroll inside containing his CV.

The enterprising applicant was attempting to catch the eye of the CEO of Wizards of the Coast, a company specialising in role playing gaming (think Dungeons and Dragons). 

The applicant crafted the stone-like shield using a homemade 3D printer, allowing him to recreate an intricate hand chiselled effect and used a plastic designed to break apart in the same ways as stone such as granite. Planning every detail carefully, he sent the shield in a wooden crate designed to look like a museum artefact crate. 

His plan was rock-solid, but sadly he didn’t get a job at the company since there were no positions available. However, the CEO was so impressed that he passed on the applicant’s details within the gaming industry and we’re happy to report that he has since secured a post.

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