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So No-One Told Her Work Was Going to be This Way..

Employment Law & HR

Over in the US this month, Canal Productions, a company owned by Robert De Niro, is seeking the equivalent of £5 million in damages from a former employee for breaching her fiduciary duties. Ms Robinson, who is said to have joined the company in 2008, became vice-president in 2017.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of the lawsuit is the claim that Ms Robinson spent ‘astronomical amounts of time’ watching Netflix during her working hours. This included 55 episodes of Friends over four days in January, equating to around five hours of the sitcom per day. She is also accused of making thousands of dollars of unauthorised purchases including 32,000 dollars for Ubers and taxis; let’s just hope she got a lot of five star ratings along the way!

Whilst it seems unlikely that many of your employees will have been racking up the same viewing time or charges as Ms Robinson, if you have any concerns about the misuse of company time or your expenses policy, do not hesitate to get in touch with your dedicated Employment Solicitor. If we can tear them away from Netflix that is. 

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