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Signed sealed delivered, I’m yours! (subject to contract, of course)

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LAW brings you reports of a novel solution to an age-old workplace problem- the Love Contract!

Do you spend sleepless nights worrying about the fallout from office romances affecting your organisation’s liability for sexual harassment claims? Well worry no more friend, as the Love Contract could save the day. Simply ask your star-crossed Romeo and Juliet to sign a legal document confirming that their relationship is consensual and that they will not sue you for sexual harassment should the passion turn sour. 

That’s the advice given by Alan Lesnewich, partner of US law firm Fisher & Phillips. Here at LAW we take a slightly less formal approach to affairs of the heart. We advise that the best medicine to cure the legal ails of lovesick lotharios is an annual dose of Equal Opportunities training, which can provide a statutory defence for your organisation against sexual harassment claims. If you think your organisation could benefit from training to deter canoodling co-workers, contact your Legal Manager.

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