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Security advice for businesses

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety
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Given the three recent terrorist attacks within the UK the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has issued the following guidance for businesses. We strongly suggest you read the following and explore the link provided below.

Brief and train your staff

When you have an emergency plan in place, make sure all your staff are fully briefed on what to do and make sure any new staff are put in the loop.

Initial review

Review your security plans

Identify your risks, based on the current threat

Review your business continuity plans

Decide what you need to protect and identify critical operations and functions

Increase staff vigilance by briefing them on what to look out for

Review evacuation, ‘invacuation’ and lockdown procedures. Ensure you have plans for vulnerable staff and visitors and check whether your premises has designated marshals to support this activity

Identify ‘protected spaces’

Review your emergency assembly point

Longer term action

Regularly review the response level for your site or venue at security meetings

Clearly display signage informing staff of the building response level. This should not be displayed in public areas

‘Recruit’ staff to be vigilant for and immediately report suspicious activity and items.

Ensure First Aid Kits are fully stocked and staff know where they are kept

Ensure Crisis Incident Kits (grab bags) are available and up to date

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