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Recruit Right: Social Recruiting

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Note: this article was first written by our colleagues at Solve HR, before Solve HR joined Law At Work in March 2020. We have imported this...

You may or may not be familiar with the term social recruiting but it's important both business owners and HR professionals are aware of and can make use of this ever increasing trend. What is social recruiting? Social recruiting is the concept of combining social media and recruitment. It involves using social media platforms, online forums, online communities and other online channels to find, attract, contact and recruit talent. There a two different forms of social recruiting: Internet Sourcing and Social Distribution. Internet Sourcing, which is commonly used by recruiters, involves finding and searching for candidate data online on social media platforms like LinkedIn and specific recruiting online communities like Monster. Business owners and HR professionals should capitalise on online candidate information on professional and recruitment sites when considering candidates for interview as it allows recruiters to establish a deeper understanding of their suitability for the role. Social Distribution describes the process of using social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to distribute vacancies. This may through HR vendors or crowdsourcing where job seekers and other influencers share vacancies on their social media profiles. What are some of the benefits from using social recruiting? One of the key benefits to businesses is the reduction of the cost as you move away from the more traditional recruitment advertising which is more expensive. Also, with social recruiting you can immediately publish job opportunities to your social media channels reaching potential candidates quicker than ever before. And when your customers, employees, partners and followers are encouraged to partake in social distribution across their personal or business profiles, your vacancy can be seen by thousands of people! Recent figures indicate 62% of people on social media are of a 'professional' age so its vital businesses and HR professionals look to include social media platforms in their recruiting strategy to access the pool of talent out there. If your business currently does not have a presence on social media then you must look to create and build a network online before implementing social recruiting in order to reap the benefits. What are some of the downfalls from using social recruiting? From an internet sourcing point of view, it could cause a negative image of the business is potential candidates are harassed online by representatives of your business. Ensure you set up a tracking process to ensure anyone involves in sourcing can check if that person has been contacted before and what the outcome was. Equally as important is ensuring the employees carrying out sourcing are trained on building and maintaining relationships. For social distribution, you must consider the resource required to respond to real time conversations and questions by candidates, and to ensure that your social media profiles are up-to-date. If the candidate asks a questions online and it's not answered in a timely fashion, not only will that candidate, but other potential candidates, clients or partners viewing your social media channels will be turned off of your business by the lack of ineffectiveness. Social recruitment has started to extend to candidates profiling businesses. Candidates can now have access to information about the internal workings of a business before they apply for the vacancy. The online community GlassDoor, popular in the US and emerging quickly in the UK, allows candidates to view reviews of the company written by existing and previous employees. (There are of course guidelines of what is published and all information is given anonymously.) When you do decide to implement or review your social recruiting strategy you should consider reviewing all information about your business online. To be viewed as an employer of choice and therefore attract the right talent it's essential that you keep up with the trends and ensure your online reputation is excellent. Solve. are experts in recruitment. We're here to give you advice and guidance on your recruitment strategy. Call our team now on 0844 567 6156 or email us at:

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