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Q&A with our Recruitment Specialist

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Note: this article was first written by our colleagues at Solve HR, before Solve HR joined Law At Work in March 2020. We have imported this...

What are the challenges of being a recruiter? Ultimately sourcing the best candidate for a role quickly and cost effectively. What qualities do you look for in candidates? Of course relevant knowledge/qualifications are a must but candidates must have enthusiasm for the role, company and industry. What are the advantages of being a recruitment manager? The advantage of being a Recruitment Manager with Solve HR is that my role is very varied as I get to work with a variety of companies from all sectors. I have recruited from basic entry level right up to Chief Executive. I enjoy meeting people from all backgrounds. What do you think is the importance of recruitment? Spending time and resources to select the right person for the role is likely to have many positive effects such as: Higher employee retention rate. Superior client service generating higher client satisfaction. More capable employees are confident and able to cope with multiple tasks and adapt more quickly to new roles. Capable employees work well in a team and need less attention from management. Once they commence work they will require fewer hours of hands-on supervision. High performing employees will be interested in ongoing learning and self development. Good employees will most likely have more and better ideas that improve productivity and work practices. Good employees can inspire and develop other staff. Do you have any tips on recruitment? Make your job advert interesting and appealing - make your company sound like a great place to work. You don't need to spend a fortune on advertising there are many cost effective and even free online job boards available. don't always expect the candidates to come to you, usually the best person for the role is what is known as a 'passive candidate' i.e. they are not actively looking for a new role as they are already doing well in their current role - this is the type of person you want. So actively seek out candidates from competitors or similar industries. LinkedIn is a great way of contacting passive candidates. Ensure you have a good and relevant assessment process Telephone interviews are a great way to pre-screen candidates saving you time and money. Do you find it tricky when it comes to selecting the right candidate? I am always confident that I will pick the right candidate as I ensure that I follow a robust recruitment process. Before I advertise a role I will engage with the client in order to determine exactly what they are looking for and to gain an understanding of their business requirements. This allows me to then draw up a robust job description and person specification that I can use as a basis for the job advert. This ensures that I know what kind of candidate I am looking for from the outset. What kind of a personality and qualities do people need to have if they are considering a career in recruitment management? You need to be a people person, highly organized and persistent. What essentials do you think an effective recruitment strategy should have? Understanding the role's requirements from the outset Targeted cost effective advertising Set timescales to work to Robust assessment/interview procedures Candidate engagement throughout How would you describe your job in one word? Diverse

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