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Pub and Restaurant Closures Following a Positive Test By a Customer?

Health & Safety

What we believe should happen is that different Test and Trace Services (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) will contact businesses and offer advice based on their investigation. The business is unlikely to know up to that point about a potential related outbreak, and at the early stage we may not know if the customer has actually been confirmed as having tested positive.

If it becomes apparent the customer is just telling the business and does not seem to have reported the matter to the Test And Trace Services, the business manager should take the details from the customer and report it themselves as a potential case.

It is important for the business to be able to explain their current risk assessment controls, perhaps sending information, photographs and most important showing regular monitoring and verification of these controls. The main focus will be on social distancing, contact sanitisers used (effective against SARS Cov 2), cleaning regimes, staff training, capacity controls, physical screening, one way systems, personal protective equipment and of course to be aware of other reports of symptoms from other customers or staff members (and their families).

Providing staff names and addresses easily as well a single business contact name and mobile number in order that essential information can be passed easily to the investigation team.

One important aspect of Co-Vid awareness and reduction of risk is to strictly maintain 1m distancing, but other advice which is sometimes forgotten mentions “avoid face to face contact, and conversation time periods during normal work duties are kept to a minimum”

The business will definitely be asked for customer attendance/contact listings, including staff members (rotas), especially those, who have been in close proximity to where the customer resided.

Having staff working in particular areas, helps to potentially narrow down possible contacts.

In addition, that may result in certain staff members having to isolate as opposed to the entire workforce. Potentially a member of staff may be asked to self-isolate for seven days

At this stage, No they do not have to close. The Health Protection Team are investigating and will provide further advice.

  • Thoroughly cleaning of all contact surfaces – Yes
  • Review on current risk assessment and carefully ensure all controls are being followed as opposed to just written and being ignored – Yes
  • Retrain staff in all aspects of controls including home life and travel – Yes

And of course, the hard one, the effects of alcohol on certain patrons, how does that affect our controls and what can you do to mitigate this risk – refuse to serve? Ask them to leave?

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