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Performance Management: An overview

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Note: this article was first written by our colleagues at Solve HR, before Solve HR joined Law At Work in March 2020. We have imported this...

Unlike performance appraisal, performance management is holistic process that uses a number of tools (such as performance appraisal) in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance for long term goals by linking various aspects of the business, people management, individuals and teams. The aim is to establish a shared understanding about what is to be achieved and to execute an approach to leading and developing people which will ensure that it is achieved. To that end performance management should incorporate: Organisation wide Performance improvement in respect of individual, team and organisational effectiveness. Continuous Development of individuals and teams. Management of behaviour to ensure that individuals are encouraged to behave in a way that encourages better working relationships. Performance appraisal plays an important part of performance management strategy, as if carried out well, it can significantly enhance relationships between individuals and line managers, as well as providing the opportunity for objective setting and review. Contact Solve if you would like to discuss driving forward behaviours that will sustain overall organisational performance in the future.

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