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Ooooh Matron!

BY Gerry O'Hare
Employment Law & HR
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Doctors and nurses could face disciplinary action if they wear clothes exposing their ''midriff'' or ''excessive cleavage'' which will come as unwelcome news to those needing a little cheering up after surgery.

Following a series of complaints, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust has issued a strict new uniform policy for staff.  

The six-page uniform policy agreed in March with trade unions and staff councils aims to establish a professional image which reflects the Trust's values.  It reads: ''Staff will not dress in ways that undermines the spirit of this policy and clothing that exposes the midriff, torso or excessive cleavage, along with wearing denim, shorts, leggings and mini-skirts, are not acceptable.'' The policy also urges staff to consider personal hygiene issues including the ''lingering affects'' of cigarette smoke.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: ''The policy's aim is to ensure that all staff within the Trust, both those in uniform and those not, present a professional image at all times that gives the public confidence in the services being provided”.

It’s a pity that the policy does not extend to the backless gowns given to patients.

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