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Ministry of justice hopping mad over false leg blunder

BY Gerry O'Hare
Employment Law & HR
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An English offender has found a novel way of getting round a court-imposed tagging order − by having security officers tag his false leg.

The unfortunate officer who was sent to tag Christopher Lowcock was wrong-footed when Mr Lowcock disguised his false leg with a bandage during the procedure. A further slip-up occurred when a second officer, who was sent to check monitoring equipment, was also fooled by the clandestine prosthetic.  

Mr Lowcock was able to remove the limb and tagging device and proceeded to carry out a string of further offences involving drugs, illegal driving and carrying a weapon. His scam was discovered when managers from the security company went out on a limb to visit Mr Lowcock at his home only to find that he was in custody.  

The security officers have since been dismissed for failing to follow correct procedure when fitting the tagging device. The company that employed the officers claim that had they followed their procedures they wouldn’t have been tripped up by the offender’s disguise.  

A Ministry of defence spokesperson said, ‘Two thousand offenders are tagged every week and incidents like this are very rare’.

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