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Man fired for using a forklift to release Twix from vending machine

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Ah, the perennial problem of stuck chocolate bars in a vending machine; the scourge of the hungry soul looking for a snack to get them through the day. When disaster strikes, cries of frustration and despair echo through the corridors of workplaces up and down the land.

No more so than on a brisk autumn day in a cold and draughty warehouse in the US state of Iowa. Poor Robert McKevitt only wanted a Twix to sustain him through a long shift. He duly paid his dollar into the machine and waited expectantly for his chocolaty caramel treat to fall. Horror of horrors, the Twix snagged on the spiral hook of doom and Mr McKevitt was left unsatisfied.  

Let’s be honest, who among us wouldn’t have been tempted to give the machine a good push if faced with the same set of circumstances? But a shove from Mr McKevitt was not enough to release his chocolaty goodness from the clutches of The Machine. Undeterred, Mr McKevitt got out the big guns and returned to his nemesis armed with an 8,000 lb forklift truck. He allegedly used the forklift to lift the machine six times and drop it 2 ft onto the concrete floor. In a moment of what must have been sweet sweet victory in the epic battle of man versus machine, three chocolate bars fell out. 

Sadly for Mr McKevitt, his campaign of candy warfare was brought to a swift end when his employer found out and sacked him for his actions. It might be easy to take candy from a baby but it seems that vending machines are a different matter altogether!

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