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Man’s best friend storms the office

BY Heather Kemmett
Employment Law & HR
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Feel like you’re working like a dog? Maybe you’d feel better working with a dog instead!

Research from recruiter reveals that 46% of people would like to bring their pet to work with them. At present 8% of the UK workforce are permitted to bring their pets to work. You might think the idea is barking mad, but over a quarter of respondents said that they would consider taking a pay cut if they could work in a job where they could bring their pet to work. 

They might be on to something. After all, Postman Pat pootled about the Yorkshire dales with his black and white cat Jess, Wallace always had faithful Gromit by his side and Scooby Doo saved Shaggy from many a scrape, and everything seemed to work out well for those guys! 

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