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A load of hot wind

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A flatulent dentist who purposefully passed wind so much he stank out his practice and belched profanities at his staff has been banned from practice. 

Mr Walton went out of his way to produce ‘air audio’ next to colleagues when they were trying to eat their lunch, the General Dental Council heard. Mr Walton’s colleagues were so disgusted by his behaviour in the surgery they had to walk out.

The dentist claimed he could not help his flatulence – but admitted a colleague once had to get an air freshener out to mask the smell of his trumping. Employees told the tribunal that the dentist found his actions hilarious and upon requests to stop would actively step up his campaign of olfactory terror.

He would also swear loudly in front of patients whilst struggling with difficult extraction, and made rude comments about patients’ ethnic origins, disabilities or employment status. In mitigation, he apologised for his ‘inadvertent’ blowing off and admitted he had walked behind the dentist’s chair to flip ‘v signs’ at patients he disliked. He said that his behaviour was juvenile but that it was caused by frustration at work.

He was found guilty of a catalogue of inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour, including belching, releasing ‘underwear thunder’ in front of patients and flicking ‘v signs’ behind their backs.

The committee declared that Walton created an environment that made it very difficult to work with him, that his manner was ‘abrupt’ and patients had a justified perception of the dentist as rude.

In this case, the Dentist clearly went too-t far.

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