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Legionella At Work

Health & Safety

Building owners, employers or those responsible for managing risk related to water quality, are required to: 

Identify and assess sources of risk

  • Water Systems and associated equipment e.g. pumps, heat exchangers, showers, etc.
  • Potential for legionella growth and exposure (via water droplet inhalation).
  • Susceptibility to legionnaires disease.
  • Water temperatures affecting growth rate.
  • Supply of nutrients.

Manage the risk

  • Competent person to undertake the risk assessment.
  • A competent person has sufficient authority, competence, necessary skills, knowledge of the system, and experience.
  • Identify responsibilities.
  • Confirm suitability of works undertaken.

Prevent or control the risk

  • Prevent – remove the risk at source.
  • Where the risk cannot be prevented ensure there is a written control scheme to manage the risk.
  • Implement controls.
  • Carry out checks.
  • Ensure suitable maintenance.

Keep records

  • Document significant findings and controls implemented.
  • Ensure records are kept for the appropriate time period.

Other duties

  • Notify your local authority in writing, if you have a cooling tower or evaporative condenser on site, including its location, and when such devices are no longer in use.
  • Report any cases of legionellosis in an employee who has worked on cooling towers or hot and cold water systems that are likely to be contaminated with legionella.

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