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Legalised Canabis in Canada

BY Paman Singh
Employment Law & HR

Have you ever considered a change in career? How about a job as a Budtender? The demand for such specialists has bloomed, in advance of 17th October 2018 when the sale of cannabis will become legal in Canada.

As pot-ty as it sounds, the legal cannabis market is worth an estimated $50 Billion, with the stock exchange value of the Canopy Growth Corp. (Stock Exchange Symbol: WEED) already at $15 Billion. Given the money involved, it really does appear as though the grass is sometimes greener.

Before you choose to take the plunge, consider some of the requirements to be a successful Budtender. As per the various job adverts that can be found, the following factors will typically be important:

  1. Extensive product knowledge is definitely a plus. Budtenders who can tell the customer anything they want to know about the various flowers, edibles etc. Most dispensaries will provide some on-the-job training (although it is unclear on whether this will be practical training), but having a basic grip on the various strains, at least, will increase one’s chances of getting the job.
  2. Not sampling the goods before or during the application/interview process is encouraged.
  3. Higher education is not essential, however , many prominent people have admitted to dabbled with a doobie during the course of their higher education, whether they inhaled or not.
  4. A keen eye for sales and upselling is highly desired.

All indications are that this will not be a kush-y job, but the potential to earn large amounts in commission may be enticing to some.

There are some budtender certificate programs available online. For under £200 a person can get certified in the various aspects of retail cannabis. Certified by who and the validity of the accreditation is still clouded in smoke, although LAW can confirm that we have no plans to run any related training certification courses in the foreseeable future.


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