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Leave it out! A right royal rumpus…

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Another year, another Royal celebration and another headache for small businesses struggling to make ends meet.

A recently commissioned survey suggests that around three quarters of small and medium sized businesses oppose the government's stance of granting additional bank holidays to celebrate events like these. .

In reality, few employers are obliged to give staff paid leave for additional bank holidays. The key lies in the contract of employment; if it says that all public holidays will be honoured, the extra day must be given as paid leave. But if the contract gives a set number of public holidays, the employer is not obliged to give paid leave for the additional ones. 

However, many employers will recognise the additional days anyway to avoid negative press or to keep up staff morale. Even if they don’t, businesses may still face disruption as staff clamour to book in leave to coincide with their partners’ days off or to cover childcare. This could be the case even if businesses do give the day off, as many employees will want to book annual leave around this time to take advantage of the extra-long weekend created by moving the second May bank holiday to Monday 4th June.  

Clearly the impact on businesses will be keenly felt across the country. What are your organisation's views on the potential for disruption caused by the jubilee?

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