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BY Steven Smith
Employment Law & HR
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We’re delighted to announce that LAW is making a digital screen debut with the launch of our brand spanking new YouTube channel, Law At Work TV.

Our first production is a televised mock tribunal where you can get a glimpse into the workings of the employment tribunal system. Our LAWers wrote, starred in and produced the event last year and it was so good we thought we’d share the recording with you in case you missed the live performance. 

Our case concerns one Chris Bulldog, a charity worker who has raised an unfair dismissal claim against his employer. Chris is an employer’s dream - hardworking, diligent and dedicated to his job. That is, until his employer discovers his darker side. It transpires that quiet, unassuming Chris is a fully-fledged member of an extremist organisation and holds some extreme views that his employer certainly does not share. 

Disturbed by the revelation and fearing the worst for their reputation, Chris’ employer acts swiftly to dismiss him. But Chris is a fighter and is challenging his sacking at an employment tribunal. The case turns on a knife edge- should Chris be punished for holding private views that happen to be incompatible with those of his employer, or was his employer right to distance themselves from any association with an extreme political group? Check out the evidence and arguments in our first clip and make up your mind before seeing what our tribunal panel made of the case in the second clip. 

Watch this space for future productions by the LAW team!

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