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KFC: fast food giant fined circa £1m

Health & Safety
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The size of the fine relates to two scalding incidents occurring in a short space of time and the subsequent thorough investigations by the Local Authorities. Whilst KFC have a dedicated health and safety team, three factors led to both incidents.


Two employees were both scalded when lifting boiling tubs of gravy out of a microwave.  It emerged that neither had been trained, supervised or provided with the correct protective equipment (gauntlets).  According to KFC there should have been two green gloves and a spare pair at each of the locations.


The burns were to their hands, arms, chest and stomach. It was also noted that one of the employees were told to dress their burns with wet paper towels. These subsequently dried out and stuck to the burned area


In both these cases there appears to have been a failure to follow Company procedures, which is why site inspections are paramount. Law At Work will measure your premises against your standards and procedures and where requested, will happily assist you with devising suitable risk assessments and practical solutions.

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