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Introducing Managed Occupational Health, LAW’s new Occupational Health Partner

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The Law At Work Team are pleased to announce a new partnership with Managed Occupational Health, who will be assisting clients in the management of complex physical and mental health issues.

The key areas are:

1.       Case Management – an OH nurse triage system for absence management.  This seems particularly useful for early intervention when the client has an open mind on a case.  This is primarily a telephone/online based service which may then involve other services, depending on the complexity of the case.

2.       Independent Medical Assessment (IMA) – when a higher-level medical opinion is sought with a qualified Occupational Health Physician. Particularly in high value and/or complex medical cases.  Likely to come into play when the client is contemplating dismissal on the grounds of ill health and there exists some degree of litigation risk.  This is a face-to-face consultation and MOH have the ability to see employees throughout the UK.

3.      Psychological Capacity Assessment (PCA)

This service was developed by MOH to respond to the need to more objectively validate and quantify the level of psychological illness, in particular those experiencing stress, depression and anxiety, in order to establish the functional impact of those symptoms on ability to work.

4.      Functional Capability Assessment (FCA)

A non-invasive and objective method of determining an employee’s ability to undertake their work safely. This can validate and baseline in relation to the current degree of disability, to assess if reasonable adjustments can be made by the employer.

5.      Counselling, Incident Support and Welfare

MOH provides telephonic Counselling and support via telephone or Skype if requested. Please note this is not an EAP type service and is referral based.

6.      Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is provided to enable clients to meet statutory requirements and monitor the effectiveness of other risk control measures that may be in place. 

Managed Occupational Health can assist with a range of other occupational health services, which can be found on their website:

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