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Interview blues? Don’t hit the booze…

BY Paman Singh
Employment Law & HR
BG Purple

We’ve all felt frustrated after a job interview doesn’t quite go to plan. While most people might be mildly disgruntled, few would go to the lengths of one Gheorge Ilie, an applicant for a job at Morrisons supermarket.

When he was interviewed and things went badly, his vendetta against the company involved an attempt to steal a trolley full of alcohol on his way out of the door. Mr Ilie has admitted loading the trolley to the brim with £1,700 worth of booze before attempting to high-tail it out of the store. Unfortunately for him, his day went from bad to worse when security tags on the items set off alarms as he made his getaway. Needless to say, he was not appointed to the role...

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