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International Fire Safety Standards Coalition Seeks Industry Advice on Global Standards

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety

The International Fire Safety Standards coalition (IFSS) is seeking to develop the first global fire safety standard. IFSS seeks to bring consistency and transparency across differing worldwide standards.

Across the world, there are contrasting approaches and requirements leading to significant differences in the design, approval, construction methods, products and operation of buildings. Historically fire safety standards have been out of line with research and technology, specific to local markets, and non-existent in some countries. Managing risk to life and property has therefore been inefficient and inconsistent, reducing confidence in building fire safety.

In a landmark move, backed by the United Nations and the World Bank, IFSS aims to create a set of uniform principles and set out minimum levels of fire safety and professionalism.

IFSS is particularly seeking feedback on:

  • Establishing a set of central safety principles in order to create a common framework
  • Existing best practice in fire safety principles and codes for buildings to evaluate deficiencies in local markets
  • Five principles to be considered throughout the life of the property: Fire Prevention; Communication & Detection; Safety of Occupants; Containment of Fire; and Extinguishing of Fires.
  • The development of a common fire safety terms glossary; a directory and roadmap of existing regulatory codes; and standards.

Through this, IFSS aims to bring together best practice from across the world on all aspects of fire safety at each stage of the property life cycle.

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