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Help your Law At Work Competent Person and Your Business

BY Lee Craig
Health & Safety

Employers are required to appoint a ‘competent person’ to help meet their health and safety duties and responsibilities. The HSE definition for a competent person is, “someone who has the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to manage health and safety”.

In this regard employers must:

  • Plan for ensuring adequate co-operation between them and their competent person.

  • Make time for them to fulfil their functions having regard to the size of their undertaking and the risks to which their employees are exposed.

  • Provide information on the factors known by them to affect, or suspected of affecting, the health and safety of their employees.

  • Have access to the information provided to employees.


Where clients have engaged the services of Law At Work as their competent person, we would advise that they undertake the following to ensure compliance with the legal requirement and to enhance our continuing partnership and safety management aims:

  • Send their Health and Safety Manager a copy of H&S Committee Meeting minutes.

  • Notify their Health and Safety Manager of work changes that may have safety implications.

  • Provide information on accidents and incidents.

  • Consult their Health and Safety Manager on any safety policy or procedural revisions prior to implementation.

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