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Health and safety spot checks and inspections during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

BY Michelle Sneyd
Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Executive is continuing to undertake spot checks and inspections across all business sectors to ensure employers premises are COVID-secure.  They are being supported in this programme of checks by local authorities and continue to work closely with them to regulate areas such as hospitality and retail.

Inspectors will be making calls and giving expert advice on managing the risks and protecting employees, customer and visitors and checking that employers have put measures in place in line with government guidance.

In addition to spot checks all inspectors will include COVID-secure checks in their routine audits and inspections and will be working with trained and approved partners to ensure that they reach as many workplaces as possible.

Employers should be aware that officers who are visiting premises will be carrying identification from their business and a letter of authorisation from HSE. If you wish to verify an officer that calls or visits your organisation, please call 0300 790 6896.

HSE encourages all employers to participate in the spot check as failure to do so could lead to enforcement action.

There are sensible and proportionate steps you should take to help keep your workplace COVID-secure, including:

  • carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment
  • maintaining social distancing
  • keeping your workplace clean, with handwashing and hygiene procedures
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