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Half of workers suffer stress related sleep loss

BY Douglas Cameron
Health & Safety
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The healthcare specialist BUPA surveyed more than 2,000 workers in the UK last November and found that occupational stress kept 51% of workers awake at night, while 42% said it “ruined their life”.


More than half of the workforce (53%) reported that a poor work-life balance made them feel unwell, and a similar number (52%) said that work made them more unwell than anything in their personal lives.


Almost two thirds (64%) of respondents believed they would be significantly more productive at work if they were less stressed, while 76% said they had seen a colleague leave their place of work for another job due to a lack of support.


The majority (83%) of respondents said they expect their employers to do all they can to support their health and wellbeing, however 73% believed their employers could do more to support staff who have a mental or physical health issue.   

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