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Government Consults on Family Friendly Proposals

Employment Law & HR

Last month the Government began consulting on their ‘Good Work Plan: Proposals to support families’. 

In particular, they are seeking responses that will give them further information on:

  • The costs and benefits of different options for reforming parental leave to achieve greater equality in parenting and at work;
  • How new leave and pay entitlements can support parents of sick and premature babies;
  • Whether employers with more than 250 employees should be required to publish their family-related leave and pay policies, and in which format; and
  • Whether employers should make clear when advertising a vacancy if flexible working might be available

The Government has indicated that some of the issues they are consulting on will only be achieved in conjunction with their other policies such as reducing the gender pay gap.  This consultation would appear to represent another brick in the Government’s ‘Gender Equality in the Workplace’ road. Indeed, they have recently published the Gender Equality Roadmap and have now made a commitment to legislating on enhancing redundancy protection for pregnant employees and new parents. 

Responses are being sought in October and November so it is unlikely that any developments will be fast-moving. However, in the meantime if you have any questions about making changes to your family friendly policies or your legal obligations with regards to flexible working, get in touch with your dedicated Employment Solicitor today.

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